The Latino Film Fund 2011 Grant Cycle deadline for the DEVELOPMENT/PRE-PRODUCTION/PRODUCTION SEED GRANT is fast approaching. The final deadline is Friday, March 4th. All applications must be postmarked by the grant final deadline.

The LFF offers seed grants to competitively-selected Latino-themed film projects which present unique, true-to-life Latino stories. Filmmakers of all ethnic backgrounds are urged to apply.

The LFF requires an extensive application process to ensure applicants are committed to the success of the proposed film project. The application requires both Written and Visual elements.

Written Materials: The application may be downloaded from the LFF website. A film project’s Written Proposal should be no less than 5 pages and no more than 20 pages in length.

Visual Materials: Include a 20 second “Video Pitch” showing one or more of the project’s filmmakers announcing the following: 1. What is the essence of your story and what makes your film Latino? 2. How does your film align with the mission statement of the Latino Film Fund?

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, go to the FAQs link on the LFF website.

LEARN MORE about the LFF’s Grant Program on the website.